Hearing the washing machine and the dishwasher murmur gently in my ear is one of the most relaxing noises I know. Maybe it is because I have accomplished something for the day, or maybe because it reminds me of home. I love the whirring of the machines doing their jobs and living the life they were created for.

(Is everything a metaphor in my mind? Yeah. It is. I am a literal person when the context calls for it, but I believe in a deeper meaning most of the time).

Sound has always been something that I relate well to. Sound connects me to memories. I understand because I have heard. Lately, I have learned that I am able to block out sound…all sounds except for the voice in my head.

The voice in my head goes away when I can focus on reading. The voice becomes nice and mannered. It sneaks back when all is quiet and I provoke it with thoughts of my future. Maybe it is not so much a voice as it is a presence. This presence is a comet of darkness emitted through my electrons in my brain. It is almost as if the darkness is shocking my mind.

Sound is good.


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