Applied Study

This is the happiest that I have ever been. However, this happiness has not come without great sacrifice. I have lost many friends that I thought to be true, unsubscribed to a toxic organization, yet I have gained a wonderful boyfriend along with  a new future. Feelings are tricky. Even though I have been quite joyful lately, I still feel deep and sudden sadness. I suppose that this is a side effect of clinical depression.

No one ever tells you how genuinely bad you are going to feel. Well, I take that back. They will, but I never truly understood someones pain until I went through the same thing. Isn’t that selfish? I think that it is where true empathy comes from.

In my music classes, we have been learning a lot about perception. Do we all see the same shade of green, do we all hear the same, are all feelings the only feelings, or have been labeled and taught all of our lives that these are the labels and standards to live by. There is so much more to learn than what people expect you to.

I am so thankful for having made the decisions I have today based on my perceptions and humanly potentials. Currently, I feel like I am in the exact moment that I need to be in.


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