A Little Life

The book “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara changed MY life.This text is about a group of four fellas and about their lives through and throughout college. Two of them fall in love, and then the impossible happens. However, it is not impossible. Is it true that someone’s life can be this incredibly awful? Where are the miracles, where is the fairy tale?

This book is so appropriately titled, because it is exactly what it is with the innards of the work. It is a little bit of life, the twists and turns are nothing that you can expect, because that is exactly how life is. Jude, the main character, goes through so much abuse, turmoil, and grief that I had to put the book down. The character development in this book is insane. How can I feel so connected and empathetic towards a person that I have never met before.



This book is by far one of the best pieces of literature that I have ever read.I find it essential for us to grow as humans.


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